Direct to Garment Printing vs. Screen Printing


In case you wish to unleash your inner Michelangelo upon a blank textile canvas otherwise known as a t-shirt, there are a few things you need to take into consideration when preparing artwork for custom t-shirt printing.

It requires a tiny bit of forethought so that everything will wind up turning out just perfect when you receive your order from Gearment.

The advantages to screen printing T-Shirts

There are more options than ever for anyone deciding to custom print t-shirts at Gearment. We offer full direct to garment printing, both light and dark, as well as embroidery for all the garments we sell.

However, there is still a high demand for the more traditional option or method of screen printing T shirts. Understanding the advantages can help you to decide if this is the right method we should use for your order.

Bold Colors and Images

One of the most important things to keep in mind with screen printing T shirts is the high visibility and bright, vibrant colors and images you will see. This method uses a thicker ink that will not be absorbed into the fabric of the shirt as you find with direct to garment printing.

The ink will remain on the surface of the shirt, but will bend and flex with the shirt. This slightly raised ink gives a texture and feel to the printed areas of the shirt, which is very distinctive to the process.

In addition, with only one or two colors, it is easy to create a very visible and crisp looking image, graphic, or logo on the design.

Ideal On Any Shirt Color

Since the ink is not absorbed into the fabric, it can be done with virtually any color of shirt. Of course, choosing a tee shirt color or the colors for screen printing that contrast and stand out is going to be part of creating this look.

For multiple shirt colors in an order, or for a variety of different options, screen printing T shirts is the best possible choice. One design and process can be used for all colors, making the process easier and quicker. Keep in mind we don’t charge for design setup for orders of over 10 items or when you order a text only single font print.

Very Professional Looking

The result of using the screen printing process on tee shirts and other garments is a very professional looking design. These are great for businesses and companies for staff shirts, and also make great promotional items for customers and clients.

They are also an excellent choice for sports teams, groups, and organizations. Our quality shirts and exceptional screen printing services make a great choice for larger orders when you want a traditional looking customized shirt.