Christmas Promotion Ideas For Your eCommerce Stores


The holiday season is make-or-break for many retailers. The National Retail Federation (NRF) stated November and December are the most lucrative period of the year for retailers. These two months have an even much more positive impact on small businesses because holiday sales can account for about 40% of annual customer transactions for SMBs. 

Christmas is the biggest shopping holiday which starts with Black Friday or even earlier. It’s even more competitive among retailers and contributes a significant part of many retailers’ annual revenues and profits. 

If you are running an eCommerce store, it’s never too early to start preparing for the most ecommercial day. Not sure how to make the most of the holiday season? We have compiled a list of Christmas promotion ideas that may help you spruce up your holiday marketing and sales strategy. 

  • Bundle gift items together

Combining several products into a set and creating special prices for them is a fantastic idea. Gift bundles are a win-win solution for both sellers and buyers. During the holidays, many of your consumers could be quite busy. Every decision requires mental energy, and with so much going on at this time, they’ll be relieved to offload some of these decisions by buying bundles. They can also save money because the bundles’ price is cheaper than buying things separately. 

You can create a bundle with all of your best items and offer a significant discount or you can create a bundle with your slow-moving items at a special price. While the profit may not be as high as usual, you can sell more than a single product and move the stock off the shelf speedily. 

  • Make a fun gift guide

Have you ever bought a gift online and been confused by so many options and promotions during the holiday? Your customers are most likely experiencing the same thing! Then a gift guide will be very useful to them as it reduces the number of choices people have to browse through your website and helps them choose the right gifts for their beloved ones. 

Whether you display them on your blog, in your email marketing, or with paid ads, holiday gift guides attract prospects from every stage of your sales funnel. If you publish the gift guide on your blog to reach more people, remember to link your items below the guides to lead potential customers to your products’ pages. There are a bunch of gift guide ideas you can apply for your eCommerce store. You can offer gifts by personality, gifts by category or gifts by price.

  • Promote gift cards 

While promoting specific items and gift ideas will help you to boost your holiday sales, keep in mind that many buyers are looking for personalization. 80% of customers now expect personalised touches from retailers. Everyone loves to receive a special gift just for them, which is why personalized gifts often sell better. You can provide free gift messages to your customers, allowing them to include personal messages in their gifts. If you use Gearment for fulfillment, take a look at the Configuration Gift Message feature in the Gearment app. 

  • Christmas campaigns

You can also use the Buy 1 Get 1 marketing strategy for certain products that won’t affect your profit margin. Another thing that you can do is to hold a big sale day on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Focus on items that have been around for some time in your store or warehouse, rather than new ones. This is a fast and effective way to increase sales while having inventory under control.

  • Run multi-network Christmas giveaways

You want to run Christmas giveaways on social media – but you also want to save time and maximize efficiency. The solution here is multi-network giveaways. You can set up a single contest to collect entries from multiple posts, on multiple profiles, across multiple social networks. You can definitely go with Facebook and Instagram, two largest social media platforms globally with 2.85 and 1.74 billion monthly active users worldwide. 

All you need to do is run a simple giveaway on all of your social media accounts. By running multi-network giveaways, you can generate leads and increase sales from people interested in your brand. It’s also possible to use giveaway marketing to increase product awareness and generate a buzz. But, ensure that the prize is relevant to your brand and is useful to your prospects.

Take The Oak Bookshop as an example, they asked their followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share their favorite Christmas stories. Everyone who commented, on every network, had the chance to win a generous Christmas gift card. Importantly, they kept the giveaway very simple.

There is a variety of promotion ideas that you can choose from to achieve the your customer satisfaction. Little promotion may let you keep the large number of potential customers that you can’t expect. Let’s make it in this holiday season by offering at least one promotion for your customers. Gearment hopes that one of our ideas will help you out!

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