What if your orders have an issue such as the customers request to cancel orders, changing address, or having no tracking number? What do sellers need to do? 

  • Create an issue ticket directly on the order 
  • Directly contact the CS team via email, freshchat, facebook page, facebook group and individual facebook account.
  • Contact via Chatbox on Gearment app

Of three options, Gearment highly recommends sellers to use chatbox to contact support team and create an issue ticket directly on the order

What are the advantages of using chatbox to contact support team?

  • Using issue ticket helps sellers to track the processing status of the order and the performance of your staff accounts in a way more systematically. 
  • Sellers can also export report files to track orders with such issues, manage how your staff fix the issues and respond to the customers, and figure out the percentage of flawed orders to total orders being fulfilled.
  • Issue ticket helps Gearment control and track the quality of customer service and products to effectively and accurately support the sellers. 

But, there are some important issues such as API, technical errors or listing product, the sellers should directly contact the Garment Customer Service team for the fastest support.

How to contact us via chatbox on Gearment app?

Step 1: Sellers click to the icon on the right corner to contact support    

Step 2: Gearment email is required → Enter your Gearment email

Step 3: Your name is required → Enter your name 

Step 4: After that, your information is automatically transfer to support team

→ Support team’s interface

Step 5: If the support is done, support team will resolve the conversation

Click “Yes” to finish and click “No” to continue 

Step 6: If the sellers click “Yes”, the next step is to rate for customer service quality and leave the comment