What if your orders have an issue such as the customers request to cancel orders, changing address, or having no tracking number? What do sellers need to do? 

  • Create an issue ticket directly on the order 
  • Directly contact the CS team via email, freshchat, facebook page, facebook group and individual facebook account.
  • Contact via Chatbox on Gearment app

Of three options, Gearment highly recommends sellers to create an issue ticket directly on the order and use chatbox to contact support team

1. What is the issue ticket?

Issue ticket is a feature that allows sellers to send requests related to orders to the customer support team through the Gearment app.

2. What are the advantages of using the issue ticket?

  • Using issue ticket helps sellers to track the processing status of the order and the performance of your staff accounts in a way more systematically. 
  • Sellers can also export report files to track orders with such issues, manage how your staff fix the issues and respond to the customers, and figure out the percentage of flawed orders to total orders being fulfilled.
  • Issue ticket helps Gearment control and track the quality of customer service and products to effectively and accurately support the sellers. 

But, there are some important issues such as API, technical errors or listing product, the sellers should directly contact the Garment Customer Service team for the fastest support.

How to create ticket issue on Gearment

Method A: Click order → order issue → create issue

Seller fill in the information as following:

Fulfilment ID: Order ID of your store

Order ID: Gearment’s order ID

Order issue: Choose order’s issue

Issue detail: Describe order’s issue

*Note: Please describe accurately the issue of order

Item effect: The number of defective products

Priority: Issue handling priority

Solution: Choose solution: refund or replace

Link Image: COMPULSORY – Please provide the image of defective products 

*Example: If the mug is damaged due to the shipping problem, seller should ask the customer for providing the image of the damaged mug and the link of image.

Method B: Click order → Choose needed order(s) → Action → Create issue

The screen shown below. The system will automatically update Fulfillment ID and Order ID corresponding to the selected order.


When you should create issue ticket
Bad print
Image quality (color/appearance)
Damaged item 
Missing item(s)/
Missing print
Wrong size/type/item
Wrong package delivered
Tracking does not work
Shipping to wrong address Lost package
When you should directly contact CS team
API error
Payment error
The order is duplicated
Unverified address
Stocking problems
The order is on-hold due to inaccurate design, invalid address, out of stock,…
System error
Unlock to change design, size, upgrade shipping
The order has been paid over 24hr, but the tracking is still unavailable.
Get tracking