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Getting a sale account is difficult but how to maintain a healthy, unlocked account is much more difficult. Gearment realizes that sellers are particularly concerned about this issue so we have developed and launched Label Platform feature, a lifesaver for sellers who are dealing with account suspension.

What is a Label Platform?

Label Platform is a feature that enables sellers to purchase shipping labels from platforms such as Etsy, eBay, or Poshmark and then upload to the Gearment App to fulfill orders.

Why using Label Platform helps to minimize account suspension?

  • Gain more credibility from platforms

For platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Poshmark which frequently ban seller accounts, using their shipping label to fulfill orders on Gearment App is essential to intensify your cachet in the view of major platforms. This is the key to building an account that can withstand the storm of suspending from platforms. 

  • Gain more credibility from customers

When using shipping labels from Etsy, eBay, and Poshmark, sellers can easily leverage the big platforms’ reputation to gain more trust and credibility from customers. Most buyers believe that packages with big platform brands printed on the shipping labels will also be of the platform’s quality. 

Gaining credibility and trust from customers is the most important tip to help sellers increase conversions and reduce unnecessary disputes on platforms that prioritize customer satisfaction.

  • 100% prevent disputes caused by shipping issues

Using Platform Label will help sellers in minimizing shipping-related complaints and you will have a reasonable reason to claim with the platforms rather than taking responsibility or claiming to the printing house as previously. The most effective way to maintain your Account Health is to reduce disputes to a bare minimum.

  • Get offers from shipping services

Because they can ensure volume with carriers, most platforms are strategic partners of shipping services. Strategic partners, or tiers, are frequently given discounts on services. Using the platform’s label also means that your package will be treated as a tier account item rather than a general customer. It’s a worth-considering bonus point. 

Getting an account is hard but maintaining it seems to be more challenging. With the mentioned reasons above, sellers should start investigating and implementing this type of account nurturing that is both effective and simple. 

Instruction to use Label Platform

Fee: The sellers using Label Platform service only pay for: BASE COST + $0.5 (handling fee)

There are 2 options to create order with Shipping Label from Etsy, eBay and Poshmark

  • Option 1:

Order → All orders → Create order → Platform’s label order 

Choose Shipping Service →  Upload file Shipping Label

  • Option 2: For orders that are created by “Manual Order”

After creating order, sellers can choose Order → All orders → Click orders that you want to add label→ Click convert label 

Choose shipping service → Upload file Shipping Label


  • If the sellers choose shipping service offered by Amazon, please upload “Barcode SKU label”
  • Gearment app allows the sellers to add multiple items with different SKUs. But please note that the minimum quantity of 1 box/1 item is 30 units and make sure that there is only 1 SKU in 1 box. The sellers have to arrange and upload the barcodes files corresponding to each item. Package shipping labels can be uploaded in one file.

That’s all our tip to minimize the probability of getting account suspension! We acknowledge that remaining a healthy selling account is difficult and taking much time so we have been working and experiencing with our sellers and the platforms to produce the specific tip to prevent the worst case to most sellers. Hope you can somehow take the tip and use it wisely with your eCommerce stores.

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