How To Integrate Shopbase With Gearment App


What is Shopbase?

Shopbase is a cross-border made easy eCommerce platform helping all dropshipping and print on demand merchants or online retailers to build and scale 

Why should you integrate Shopbase with Gearment?

Shopbase can import orders from your shopping cart(s), sync in your print details, and then automatically send them on to Gearment for fulfillment. When orders are shipped, the tracking details will be sent back to the Shopbase and back to your shopping cart if your store is set up for it.

How to integrate Shopbase with Gearment?

Step 1: Register a Gearment account

Step 2: Go to store tab → choose “Store” → click  “Add Shopbase”

Step 3: Fill all required information 

  • Store name: Name of your store
  • Merchant: Subdomain of your Shopbase store 
  • Automatic synchronization when new orders: Click the button to active the automatic synchronization function
  • Active store: Click the button to active your store

Step 4: Click “Add store” → You’re done!

Shopbase is a magical marketplace for buyers and sellers, selling on Shopbase is not difficult and it would be more magical when you integrate your Shopbase store with Gearment. We hope this information provides you with everything to get set up and integrate your Shopbase store with Gearment app .