How To Prepare For Holiday Rush And To Boost Holiday Revenue


Holiday season is coming. Tons of things are needed to be ready and deliberately planned out for the rushest-sales time of the year. Getting prepared for this overloading sales season will always be necessary. 

1. Get your inventory organized if you’re FBA sellers:

Stocking and delivery time are always considered the most severe problems during the holiday season. If you are a FBA seller, that is a huge plus since there is a tip that will help you be less stressed out during holidays. You probably don’t want customer demand to catch you flat-footed.

As a FBA seller, you have the ability to control the availability of your products and you can be more secure by stocking them before the holidays. When holidays come and your e-commerce stores’ sales bloom, your products have already been stored in Amazon warehouses!

2. Choose the right products:

Choosing the right products is always crucial, especially when it comes to holiday seasons. Be sure to leverage your data from last year and beyond to forecast your targets and inform this year’s strategy. Honestly, numbers cannot lie and is the most reliable one you can completely trust. 

But what if you are newbies and have a few experiences and data? Don’t worry! Gearment has pointed out some best-selling products based on our data for several biggest holidays of the year. This data is greatly precious and we are happy to share it! Make sure you read our blogs to find your right products for this holiday season.

3. Carefully plan out promotional emails:

One is to send out pre-holiday sales promotions as customers start thinking about their holiday purchases. Later on, you can create emails catered to last-minute shoppers, who may already be primed for conversion.

One important email that greatly benefits your sales during this season is the abandoned cart reminder which makes your customers feel a rush to push their hesitation away. One clear example for this is on the last day of holidays you should call them to make an action with a reminder email: “Your cart total will significantly increase tomorrow, buy now!”.

4. Try to increase traffic beforehand:

The traffic of your ecommerce brand should be fully aware before generating more and more sales during holidays. In fact, 89% of people who make purchases online use search engines to help them make a purchase decision. In the other words, the more traffic your e-commerce store has, the easier you get more sales. It is undeniably important that there are a few practical tips that you should leverage to boost your traffic. 

5. Have a back up plan in place:

With the high volume shopping during the holiday season, some unexpected experiences are inevitable. Shipping delay as this year’s bigger-than-ever e-commerce push has put even more stress on delivery companies. Surely, eCommerce retailers have many things to deal with. Let’s be proactive, think through contingencies ahead of time and make a back up plan instead of dwelling on and ignoring those negative experiences. A well-prepared personalized thank you letter to reach out to high value customers or an personalized apology email to customers for an item being out of stock or shipping delay. 

6. Boost impulse purchases by cross-selling and up-selling:

Upselling and cross-selling are tactics you can use to streamline your sales and marketing strategy, and ultimately, to boost your revenue figures. On average, upselling improves revenue by 10-30% while cross-selling  can increase sales by 20% and profits by 30%.

These two tactics help you to build a long-term and better relationship with customers. When upselling and cross-selling are successful, you are creating more value for customers by giving them products that they really want. Obviously, it’s difficult for them to forget your brand when they spend more money on you. 

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