I. There are 2 methods to list FBAFBA product on AmazonAmazon

Method 1: For sellers who want to fully sell FBA

Step 1: Go to Manage Inventory → choose ASIN number of listing product → Click “Edit” → Choose “Change to Fulfilled by Amazon”

Step 2: Choose “Accept label service” → Click “Review selection” 

Then, click “Convert & Send Inventory” 

Step 3: Click “Select an address” to enter “Ship-from” address

  • The “ship from” information is Gearment warehouse’s address: 14801 Able Ln, Ste 102, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, United States.
  • Sellers fill “Company name, full name, phone number, and email address” following the information in account Amazon seller central → click “Add contact”

→ Click “Select” to choose a ship-from address

Step 4: In “Packing details” section → choose “Case-packed template”

Name for the packing template to manage and enter the dimensions for a packing including 30 items → Save

Then, a notification shown below → Seller click the notification to update the missing information. 

→ Update dimensions for 1 item → Save

Click here for product dimension and weight


  • For posters, FBA Amazon restricts the maximum dimension to 25x25x25 inches. Click here for more information about shipping and routing requirements
  • Contact Amazon via email for oversized shipments. Click here to refer to the email template.

→ Chọn tiếp dòng thông báo bên dưới

→ Click the notification 

→ Choose saved template and update the quantity of boxes and units to send to FBA (maximum 30 item in 1 box) → Click “Ready to send”

→ Choose “Print SKU labels” → Choose “US Letter” format for template → Enter the quantity of barcodes. The quantity of barcodes equals to the quantity of units → Click “Prints”

→ Amazon sẽ trả lại một mã file barcodes → seller lưu lại để dùng tạo đơn trên app Gearment

→ The new tab including 30 barcodes has been automatically popped up → Seller remember to save this barcode file for uploading on Gearment app whenever creating an order.

Step 5: In “Ship date” section: enter the pick up date (usually add 7 days on shipment creation date) → Select “Small Parcel Delivery” → Choose UPS (Amazon Partner Carrier) as shipping carrier.

→ Accept charges and confirm shipping 

The inventory will be stored in Amazon’s warehouse in Moreno Valley, California, US → Click “Accept charges and confirm shipping.

Step 6: Choose “US letter” format for print box label → Print → A shipping label file has been automatically popped up → Seller remember to save this barcode file for uploading on Gearment app whenever creating an order.

→ Review file shipping label

→ Click “View tracking details” to review the shipment information

→ Click “Go to shipping queue” to finish 

Method 2: For sellers who want to sell FBA and FBA for this ASIN

Step 1: Go to Manage Inventory → copy ASIN of listed products

Step 2: Go to “Tab Inventory” → choose “Manage FBA Inventory” → Click “Add a product” → fill in ASIN into the searching box

Step 3: Choose “New” → Click “Sell this product”

→ Fill all required information → Choose “Save and Finish”

Note: Seller have to choose “Amazon will ship and provide customer service (Fulfilled by Amazon)

Back to step 1 of method 2 and follow these steps in the method 1

II. Create FBA order on Gearment App

Bước 1: Chon tab Order → All order → Create order → Platform order 

Step 1: Go to tab “Order” → All order → Create order → Choose “Platform’s Label Order”

Chọn Amazon label

→ Choose Amazon label

Step 2: 

  • Update full name which is same as the one filled on Amazon shipment
  • Update Amazon warehouse’s address on shipping label into “ship to” box
  • In UPLOAD SHIPPING LABELS (PACKAGE SHIPPING LABELS) → sellers update file shipping label including warehouse address and tracking number above.

Step 3: 

  • Update product information: product name, color, size, quantity, print type, and design
  • In BARCODE SKU LABELS → sellers upload barcodes file exported from Amazon as guided on section I.

→ Save to create order → sellers match product, approve and payment as usual

III. Note

  • 1 box have ONLY 1 product type including 30 items and 1 ASIN
  • For FBA t-shirt orders, sellers can create 1 order for 2 ASIN, each ASIN has 15 items. But remember to arrange and upload the barcodes files corresponding to each item.