Instruction To Add Staff Account On Gearment



I. Primary account:

1. Add staff account

Step 1: Go to “Setting” → choose “Accounts”

Step 2: Click “Add staff account”

Step 3: Fill in staff information 

– Full name: Name of staff account.

– Email: Email of staff account.

Note: the added email must be an unregistered Gearment account.

– Edit permissions: Choose permissions for staff account.

Step 4: After filling in all information → Click “Send invite” to send invitation email to staff account 

2. Allocate store for staff account 

Step1: Go to “Store”

Step 2: Click “Edit” for store that you want to allocate for staff account

Step 3: Choose “Staff account”

3. Deactive or active permission for staff account

Step 1: Go to “Setting” → Choose “Accounts”

Step 2: Click “Edit” to edit staff account information

Step 3: Active permission for staff account

4. Deactive Staff account

Note: Deactive staff account cannot sign in

II. Staff account:

1. Verify staff account

Step 1: Go to email to accept invitation → Click “Verify staff account”

Step 2: Fill in required information to register account

– Email: Enter the invited email

– Password: password

– Confirm password: confirm password

2. Sign in 

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Fill in staff account information