Instruction To Use Gearment App


I. Introduction to app Gearment

  1. Register the Gearment account: 

Check your email to activate the Gearment account.

  1. Click the link to log in Gearment account:

II. App Gearment Instruction

Tab definition on menu bar

  1. Tab Product
  • All products: all products created on the Gearment app.
  • Mockup management: manage mockups. Apart from the mockups available on Gearment, the sellers can create their own mockups.
  • Product sync report: display automatically synced orders from APIs/Platforms.
  1. Tab Order
  • All orders: display all orders.
  • All orders archived: display all orders have been archived.
  • Order items removed: display all order have been deleted 
  • Tracking management: manage order tracking
  • Manual payment: manual payment.
  • Order issue: or [ticket] to support sellers’ inquiries
  • Report sync orders: sync order status, order status is being synchronized. 
  • Report manually sync tracking: sync status of manual sync orders. 
  • Order import progress: Follow up the process of importing orders

3. Tab Store: integrate stores on Shopify, Amazon, WordPress, Shopbase, …with Gearment.

4. Transaction tab: payment transaction details.

5. Tab Data Feed configuration: Feed form config – Amazon’s required form. 

6. Tab Notifications: notifications of the Gearment app.

7. Tab Settings

  • Setting: is the general account setting including payment and automatic features.

To set up the payment, please click on change payment method to choose the payment method. 

There are 3 payment methods including Paypal, Payoneer or credit card. After filling in the login information for the chosen payment method, please click on set as default in the right corner.

+ PayPal: add payment information via Paypal by clicking Add Paypal, a popup page will appear. Then, the sellers fill in the information

Note: Click Add Paypal only once time, and click allow to enable popup on the browser.

+ Payoneer: add payment information via Payoneer by clicking Login.

In case you do not have an account, click Create Account, a popup page will appear. Then, the sellers fill in the information.

Note: Click Login only once time, and click allow to enable pop up on the browser.

+ Credit cards: link credit cards for payment such as Visa, Master, American Express, JCB and Discover Card.

  • Ship Label Settings: fill the Billing address. Remember to use the same registered address for credit.
  • Information Credit Card: fill the credit card information that you want to link.

TOPUP: Deposit payment via email [email protected], accepting Payoneer and Ping Pong.

Optional settings

III. Ecommerce stores and Gearment integration

Click on store then add store to Gearment as shown below:

  1. Shopify

Instruction to add other stores to Gearment RM/edit?usp=sharing

IV. Instruction to process order

There are 3 ways to sync orders to Gearment app: order → all order → create order/sync order/import order

  1. Create order: tự tạo order để sync về app/ Create order manually to sync to the app.

Orders → All order → Create order

2. Sync order to app Gearment:

Auto sync: Connect the store to automatically sync order to Gearment app

Manual sync: For the sellers who want to sync order manually as shown below

Orders → All order → Sync order → Store

3. File Template: for the orders that are not synchronized to the Gearment app. Gearment has templates for all platforms, the sellers just download and fill in the information and then import it to the Gearment app

Orders All order Import order

Instruction to process order after importing to Gearment app, applying to 3 ways to sync orders to Gearment app:

For all orders having products created on Gearment app:

● Approve order – choose manual và auto option in setting 

● Payment order – choose manual và auto option in setting 

For all synchronized orders to Gearment app, but the products were not created on Gearment app:

Match product – choose manual và auto option in setting 

●   Approve order – choose manual và auto option in setting 

●   Payment order – choose manual và auto option in setting 

* After matching, the system will automatically save this SKU. Besides, the system also has the auto match feature in the setting tab. 

– If the sellers choose the auto match feature, the sellers will not have to match the product again for the following orders. 

– If the sellers have the same SKU. After successfully matching product, the orders will be processed as usual as orders include the products created on Gearment app.  

To process the orders, the sellers choose the order code and choose the appropriate tab on the action popup menu 

4. Tab create product:

Create products to export listing file or bulk upload. Click the create product tab to create a new product.

App displays all available mockups divided by product type.

After choosing mockup, the sellers click next to go to the listing detail

Design product: choose the color, size and image printed on the product

The image printed on the product must be within the red box as shown in the image below, 

The required format: File type: PNG|300 DPI minimum.

After successfully creating product, the system will update the information in the products tab

To archive product: click product → action → archived product

To unarchive or delete product: click chọn product → action → unarchived product/delete product

To sync product to Etsy store: choose product that need to be sync → action → sync products