Major Q4 Shopping Holidays For eCommerce Store In 2021 – Part 1


The holiday season is make-or-break for many retailers, major Q4 shopping holidays contribute a significant part of many retailers’ annual revenues and profits. The National Retail Federation (NRF) stated November and December are the most lucrative period of the year for retailers. 

These two months have an even much more positive impact on small businesses because holiday sales can account for about 40% of annual customer transactions for SMBs. Gearment eCommerce Q4 holiday guide for 2021 will help you when planning a marketing strategy and growing online sales on the biggest shopping season of the year.

1. Single’s Day – 11 November

Singles Day was started as an unofficial celebration of a person’s singledom. Today, Singles’ Day was transformed into a massive one-day shopping event thanks to the deft marketing tactics of the Chinese eCommerce platform Alibaba. Single’s Day has become a huge retail event in China, and more recently around the world. The day is getting more and more attention in other parts of the world, so you should not miss this day to attract more new customers mostly in Asian countries and partly in Western.

  • Single’s Day reached up to $38.4 billion in sales in 2019. 
  • More than 200,000 brands participated, including more than 22,000 brands from 78 countries participating in the celebrations.
  • In 2014, Singles Day helped Alibaba break the Guinness World Record for highest online sales in 24 hours. 

If you still hesitate this day, start with a small offer to know which special deal is the most effective one and how Western customers respond to the special deals that you offer on the day. This may not cause a boom in shopping online like other eCommerce days in Western countries, but it can be a way for your stores to experience a new thing. If it works, start utilizing this commercial day to attract more customers as well as boost your sales.

2. International Men’s Day – 19 November

International Men’s Day, while not as commercial as International Women’s Day, recognizes the accomplishments of boys and men in family, business, school, and other aspects of life. 

Everyone knows that men dislike shopping, they can’t stand spending hours wandering around the shopping mall just to buy some stuff. With that in mind, it actually makes sense that men apparently shop online more than women. According to a recent Affilinet study, the average eCommerce shopper is primarily male with 84.3% of them shopping online. That is precisely why men’s online shopping has propelled the world of eCommerce to new heights. 

International Men’s Day is an excellent opportunity to promote or add some of the best-selling men’s products to your store. T-shirts and sweatshirts are the most popular items for men, start listing these items at Gearment to explode your sales with this profitable audience. 

3. Thanksgiving – 25 November

Thanksgiving Day is becoming more and more important for brands and retailers as the spending increases year by year and the holiday becomes the 3rd most important shopping day in the year. Adobe reported that the U.S. buyers spent a record $5.1 billion buying goods online in 2020 up 21.5% from last year. It also experiences an increase in the young interest in Thanksgiving, so you should consider this customer segmentation while planning Thanksgiving Day promotions and campaigns. But don’t forget the parents who comprise the highest numbers of shoppers.

The NRF predicted consumers spend a total of about $1,047.83 on gifts this holiday season. How can you get a piece of the pie? If you want to increase your holiday sales this year and beyond, the key is to create holiday gift guides to help the buyers find the best gift options as easily and as quickly as possible. You also can offer your customers free gift messages allowing them to include personal messages in their gifts. If you use Gearment for the fulfillment, let’s check out Configuration Gift Message on Gearment app.

Configuration Gift Message on Gearment App

4. Black Friday – 26 November

Black Friday, undoubtedly, is an important season for sellers every year. The day when shoppers the world over momentarily lose their minds and buy, buy, and buy. E-commerce sales have consistently been increasing year-over-year on Black Friday, especially amid the pandemic of COVID-19. Americans spent more than 20% they ever did prior and the online shopping sales at an all-time high hitting $7.4 billion. 

In fact, holiday selling is a cut-throat business and you need to have competitive advantages to differentiate yourself from the others. Haven’t offered free shipping or given referral-based discounts before? Make it the main selling feature to attract more consumers over to your store. Pre-sell to loyal customers is also an effective way to increase sales from the period. After all, people love being a part of an exclusive inside group that gets first access, especially if there is a deal on offer. Finally, don’t forget to bundle, up-sell, and/or cross-sell to increase your sales even more.

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5. Small Business Saturday – 27 November

Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday created by American Express in 2010 and celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the United States, during one of the busiest shopping times of the year. It falls between 24 – 30/11 each year and will be on 27/11 this year. 

Small Business Saturday attempts to bring attention to small business owners by encouraging people to support local stores rather than big brands. In 2016, an estimated 112 million buyers joined in Small Business Saturday by shopping at local stores, breaking the record for this event. More than 72% of U.S consumers are concerned about the seventh annual Small Business Saturday and Shop Small. You can capitalize on this event by kicking off a campaign that offers limited-time discounts or promotions on social media to increase engagement with your existing and potential customers. 

Along with Small Business Saturday and Shop Small resources, the American Express OPEN Forum is an online platform for local businesses owners. To help you grow your business, the site offers articles, videos, insights and guidance, as well as a place to connect with other retailers. You can explore this website for tips on how to make the most out of Small Business Saturday and other marketing events.

That’s all 5 shopping holidays you need to know in Q4 2021 to stay ahead of the competition. It’s now time to pick the best products from Gearment’s category list and capitalize on the trends for your e-commerce stores.

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