The Greatest Marketing Tips From A Vietnamese Football Player Van Toan


Thanks to Van Toan, we got a penalty, helping Vietnam hold off Malaysia for a 2-1 win and moving closer to the World Cup final qualifying round. However, many Malaysian fans have asserted that Van Toan pretended to fall, and they have attacked him on social media. He immediately launches his new “It’s real” shirt with the image of him falling due to the flaw from the rival player. This reaction turns out to be a new excellent phenomenon in Marketing. So what can we learn from this?

✔️Take the right time, create new trends:

The importance of taking advantage of the golden time in Van Toan’s marketing strategy is completely undeniable. Thanks to his action, Van Toan not only creates a new trend but also successfully boosts profits for his business, completely aligned with the taste of the community.

✔️Fun idea and viral effect:

Taking inspiration from the controversial penalty in the past few days, Van Toan released the “It’s real” t-shirt to humorously and creatively respond to the public that his falling is real. Van Toan deserves to be a champion in using the core value of the viral effect, which is to focus on “hot potato” content.

✔️Pick the right target customer – young people:

Young people are the ones who adapt and react quickly to change, so using trending materials is the most effective way to get viral effects from this potential customer segmentation. 

✔️A popular product with high applicability and T-shirt is a perfect choice:

Even without a trend, a large number of T-shirts are still consumed in the retailing industry. So, buying a T-shirt that is both beautiful and trendy is not something to hesitate.

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