Sync Order – Order Handling Just Got Easier


There are 4 ways to import orders into Gearment App: sync order, create manual order, sync order using CVS file, and transfer API.

What is Sync Order?

Sync order is a feature that enables sellers to synchronize orders from your store on platforms/marketplaces to Gearment App. There are 2 types of sync order:

  • Auto Sync: After linking your store with Gearment App successfully, selecting Auto Sync will allow the system to automatically sync all orders to Gearment App. If the synced orders meet Gearment’s requirement, they will be put into production.   
  • Shopify, Shopbase, and WordPress: The system will automatically sync when the order meets the conditions. 
  • Amazon, Etsy, and eBay: The system will automatically sync every 8 hours.
  • Manual Sync: After sellers successfully link your store with Gearment App, if sellers choose Manual Sync, the system will automatically sync orders to Gearment App within the time sellers have set up in the US time zone. When the order has been synced and met the requirement of Gearment, it will be put into production. 

What are the advantages of Sync Order?

  • All orders will be synced to Gearment App, allowing sellers to manage orders more systematically and conveniently. 
  • Besides, sellers can also save a lot of time by using sync orders. Sellers can view the “Report Sync Order” section in the “Orders” tab to track the details of a sync order. 
  • While choosing sync order, sellers can enable other sync tools such as auto “Confirm Shipment” on Amazon to help customers track the progress of their orders, or auto sync tracking numbers in order to manage order’s tracking number. 

Instruction to install sync order from platform to Gearment App:

*Note: Before installing sync order, seller needs to link your store from platforms and marketplaces to Gearment App.