Thanksgiving eCommerce: What To Sell And Which Niche To Use


Many people have compared the “magnitude” in sales between the three biggest holidays of the year Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. These are major holidays but when compared, Christmas comes out on top as expected, Thanksgiving is recorded as the second most favorite holiday, and obviously, the third on the list is Halloween.

The comparison shows how magnitude the e-commerce sale is on Thanksgiving and how much you must run more campaigns to leverage this second biggest holiday of the year. 

Thanksgiving is traditionally observed on the 4th Thursday of November, which is regarded as a national holiday and is celebrated in all states. People have a long vacation to reunite with their families and want to celebrate this day safely in the midst of the pandemic so the demand for online shopping increases significantly this year.

Before jumping right into the main course of what to sell and which niche to use, let’s dive into the huge market potential for Thanksgiving!

The market potential for Thanksgiving eCommerce in recent years:

Despite the COVID-19 Delta variant’s impact on the U.S. economy, based on a forecast from Deloitte, U.S. consumers will spend up to 9% more this year compared to 2020, when consumers spent a total of $1.2 trillion during the key shopping period between November and the end of the year. Retailers can look forward to an improvement over holiday spending over the last two years, when sales grew less than 6% in 2020 and just over 4% in 2019.

“This year’s range is considerably higher. What we might find with the Delta variant is that folks will perhaps spend more online versus in brick-and-mortar stores” – Deloitte Vice Chairman Rod Sides. That means the purchasing power of U.S consumers will not decrease and they will change to shop online more to be safe in the current situation. Like last year, consumers who are still wary of the virus,  online holiday spending is predicted to increase 11% to 15% this year.

Top trending POD products to sell on Thanksgiving Day 2021

  1. Thanksgiving eCommerce T-shirt and Hoodie

T-shirts are always one of the best-sellers all year so don’t miss the chance to boost your revenue with this item on Thanksgiving. Based on Google Trends, the volume of searches for “Thanksgiving t-shirts” has reached its peak in the U.S. 

Thanksgiving is celebrated when the weather gets cold so the demand for winter clothes such as hoodies will increase. On this occasion, many Americans participate in outdoor activities, therefore items that are both trendy and weather-appropriate will be popular. You can try to boost your sales with Gearment’s hoodies and Thanksgiving-themed designs. 

  1. Thanksgiving Garden Flag

The garden flag is the most popular decorative item for Americans, because of its various uses in holidays. Stop hesitating and start listing some garden flags this holiday season to spot the hidden gems. 

  1. Thanksgiving Doormat

Doormats, like garden flags, are considered decorative ornaments. Americans like to invite guests to their houses to celebrate Thanksgiving, so it is not unusual for them to concentrate on decorating their homes. You should add this product to your list to make it a booster for your revenue.

Thanksgiving eCommerce
  1. Thanksgiving Poster

Poster is always on the best-seller list when it comes to decorating based on Gearment’s data from the previous year. Americans currently choose useful but meaningful gifts during the pandemic, so you can cross-selling posters with other products in the Home & Living category. 

Thanksgiving eCommerce

Top famous inspirations for your designs in Thanksgiving

  • Turkey

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the image of turkey immediately springs to mind. It is considered an indispensable dish in American families at Thanksgiving. Turkey is undoubtedly the most popular niche in Thanksgiving. You can boost your sales by selling POD products with stylized turkey designs.

  • Red Maple Leaf

The red maple leaf is a sign of autumn, which is also the Thanksgiving season. Thanksgiving-themed designs with illustrations of red maple leaves are ideal. You can mix it with other images such as scarecrows, pinecones, and acorns that evoke autumn and harvest activities. 

  • Pumpkin

Don’t be confused that pumpkin is only the symbol of Halloween. In fact, Americans tend to associate pumpkins with Thanksgiving rather than Halloween. Simple illustrations of pumpkins are enough to bring out Thanksgiving’s atmosphere for some customers. 

  • Garden Gnome

These figurines are regarded to be conspicuous adornments and are placed on the lawn for the purpose of gardening. They are also seen as a symbol of the guardians of mother nature (GNOME: Guardians of the Nature Of Mother Earth) by Europeans, allowing them to assist them in manufacturing. 

Thanksgiving’s color theme:

The main palette for this season is orange, yellow, red. Because Thanksgiving is an occasion for families to gather around, the autumn tones will create a warm and cozy feeling. 

You can try these niches combinations to pique customers’ attention:

  • Thanksgiving + Pet
  • Thanksgiving + Career 
  • Thanksgiving + Teacher
  • Thanksgiving + Nurse
  • Thanksgiving + Doctor
  • Thanksgiving + Movies  
  • Thanksgiving + Family
  • Always better together
  • Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours
  • Family has the tur-key to my heart
  • Home is wherever I’m with you
  • Thanksgiving + Food
  • Pies before guys
  • Gobble ‘til you wobble
  • Let’s eat this beast of a feast
  • Don’t be a jerky, eat some turkey
  • Thanksgiving + Quotes
  • Pumpkin pies and everything nice
  • We go together like turkey and gravy
  • Too blessed to be stressed
  • Thankful for today and every day

That’s all about Thanksgiving Gearment would love to share with you.