The Top 5 Most Effective Marketing Ideas For New Year’s Day


The number of online shoppers has risen to 2.14 billion, accounting for 30% of the world’s population which leads to significant development in the eCommerce industry. Gearment anticipating that eCommerce sales in Christmas will skyrocket this year. However, don’t overlook New Year’s Eve, which is just as important. 

Some sellers focus their efforts on Thanksgiving and Christmas, forgetting that New Year’s Eve is also part of the sales season. On New Year’s Day, eCommerce store traffic jumped by 32%. People will be in a shopping mood as they prepare to welcome the new year, and a good advertising campaign will tempt them to buy more from your store. You don’t have to be worried since Gearment has compiled a list of the top 5 most effective New Year’s Eve marketing ideas for you to jump-start 2022.

Let’s get started!

  1. Sending greeting emails

One of the simplest and most effective marketing ideas is sending greeting emails to your customers. You will have a better chance of being noticed if you send emails to customers before New Year’s Day, as people’s inboxes are usually swamped with emails on this day. It will also make buyers feel that you prioritize them and really care about them. 

You can also make your customers feel more special by hosting a mini-giveaway contest or including a promo code in your emails, which can help in increasing brand loyalty. 

Source: Escada

  1. Cashback promotion

Cashback promotion can drive sales crazy because it is a win-win solution for both customers and sellers. Customers can continue to buy from your brand while receiving an added value offer delivered directly to their wallet, or they can de-risk their purchase. Meanwhile, sellers can keep the initial prices resulting in higher profit margins than tactical discounts. 

Moreover, because cashback requires consumers to submit information in order to process the claim, they can provide businesses with valuable consumer-related insights. Set time limits on cashback promotions if you use them online, as this will elicit a feeling of urgency and force customers to buy immediately.

  1. Launch a Customer Appreciation campaign

The holidays are all about expressing gratitude to those around you, which includes your followers and buyers as a brand. So why not launch a customer appreciation campaign?

You can apply UGC (user-generated content) for your social media by picking some positive feedback from the customers’ reviews and rates category on your store to give your buyers a virtual shout-out. This will make them feel cherished and impressed with your brand. Besides, potential customers will have a more objective perspective of your brand when looking at the fanpage which increases your credibility. 

Or you might conduct a feedback contest only for your customers, encouraging them to share their reviews with your branded hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,… Make sure that the rewards are worth it, you can offer them a discount code for the next purchase on each post. This strategy is a free form of marketing as it allows you to reach out to new customers via your existing customers’ posts. 

Source: Birchbox

  1. Create a calendar for upcoming year

You can create a calendar for the incoming year and share it on your social media platforms, or you can sell it as an add-on to your customers’ holiday orders. Creating a personalized calendar and distributing it with your most loyal consumers. Your consumers can keep the calendars all year. This can help keep your company at the forefront of their minds throughout the year. This is one of the most straightforward and easy-to-implement New Year’s marketing ideas for building your brand.

  1. Traditional promotions

Even if you don’t want to go all out, a small promotion with a fixed discount will be sufficient. You can puff up the promotion through social media as well as other forms of marketing. People tend to prepare carefully to greet a new year with the hope of good things to come and extended shipping deadlines have led to a lot of last-minute online shopping. 

New Year’s Day seems to mark the end of the preceding year as well as the end of the holiday season. However, you can boost your sales by employing efficient New Year marketing ideas and techniques. Start preparing for this upcoming event with Gearment right now!