Top 5 Best Selling Print On Demand Products To Sell


Print-on-demand, usually called POD, has been one of the most potential business models in recent years. Statistically, it has a compound annual growth rate CAGR of 33.86% during 2020-2026 showing how powerful and influential the Print-on-demand business is to eCommerce!

This is not as same as other business models due to some unique characteristics that are considered to be its huge advantages. If you are unsure of what exactly it is, why don’t we brainstorm such unique characteristics together before we start?

So what do you think about being a seller on giant platforms even if you are:

  • Not worrying about either inventory or storage costs?
  • Not paying huge costs of labor and warehouse?
  • Not involved in printing and shipping processes but the quality is guaranteed?
  • Not training for a qualified customer support team?
  • Getting high-profit margins?

It sounds so great, doesn’t it? Let’s explore top best selling print-on-demand products to sell!

Trending print-on-demand products to sell:

1. T-shirts

When it comes to print-on-demand, people would never forget T-shirts as an all-time favorite ambassador of the industry! Why? Basically, because the demand for this item is always massive during the year and it constantly keeps growing and growing year to year.

Print on demand T-shirts
Top online shopping categories worldwide in 2021

Research has experimented with all categories of the whole eCommerce industry and found that fashion, particularly clothing, has been on top of the list in terms of total ecommerce expenditure worldwide in 2021. This shows how powerful the apparel market is and also convincing evidence that the apparel market is much more potential than it was expected to be.

T-shirts constitute one of the principal consumer goods from the category of apparel for daily use which accounts for one of the largest shares of the fashion category. T-shirt consumption goes beyond just the essential items and depends on fashion trends and social life. T-shirt consumption is to follow the growth of the global population and consumer income, which nothing can stop it from increasing.

POD tshirt
Gearment print on demand tshirt

With an average of 2 billion t-shirts that are sold worldwide, print-on-demand t-shirts are undoubtedly dominant in the industry. It is timeless, fashionable and comfortable so people always want it more and more.

T-shirts print-on-demand business has been a common phrase in the industry since it is the all-time favorite product of both sellers and customers. The genuine statistics have shown that the global custom t-shirt market size is valued at US$39 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand more significantly due to the formation of a new shopping habit after an outbreak of COVID-19.

On the other hand, to sellers, the base cost is cheap if they choose the right print-on-demand business partners like Gearment. At Gearment, the base cost of a T-shirt starts from $5.80 and one can be sold at the price of at least $23.99 which is an absolute advantage to get the high-profit margins. So it is definitely the best selling product in the whole year that most sellers fall in love with.

2. Mugs

You might think the t-shirt market is risky due to its huge competitiveness and want to consider something else, the mug market is born for you! Mug is a product that has a lower base cost but the demand is high all over the year. Its demand undoubtedly makes it become one of the most potential print-on-demand trends in the industry, only after t-shirts.

Mug is a perfectly competitive market with a low barrier to entry and a lack of big brand competition. That means there are many mug sellers but most of them are small independent brands that facilitate entering the market and competing which is an opportunity for small to medium sellers to enter into the product market!

Not only that, the mugs are now more crucial as it helps eliminate the harmful plastic glass and supports the go-green movement of the young generations. Due to the change in behavior of young customers, mugs and other sustainable products such as tumblers are more common than ever, as the Print-on-demand trend. Following the rising trend will help you catch a lot of potential customers that are willing to spend more for your stores.

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us drinkware market
U.S drinkware market size, by material type, 2015-2025 (USD million)

The trends cannot tell anything, but statistics absolutely can! The analysis report figured out that the global drinkware size was valued at $US3.87 billion in 2018 and expected to register a CAGR of 3.1% from 2019 to 2025 in which the ceramic segment has experienced a rising growth. Tells that the demand for ceramic mugs creates an unexpectedly incredible opportunity for its market!

Since the base cost is much lower from t-shirts, usually starting from the price of $3.40, you have a little more control over your profit margins. So put all of your efforts and your heart into calculating the best price for your first mug product!

print on demand mug
Gearment print on demand ceramic mug

Not just fulfilling standard mugs – ceramic mugs 11oz and 15oz, Gearment has many types of mugs to choose from, white and black ceramic mugs, changing color mugs, the couple set mug, and love set mug. Check out Gearment category for more information.

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3. Posters

Do you know that a store that sells posters online can rake in millions of dollars in revenue if it is professionally set up and marketed? Desenio is a highly successful online poster store selling highly segmented niche products and generates about $27 million in revenue a year. Showing the print-on-demand trend of posters has risen!

poster print-on-demand
Search volume of poster on Google Trend

Look at the Google Trends chart below to see how interest in posters has gone up and remained stable over the year which means you can customize it to fit any season or occasion.

Doing market research continually is key when you’re selling print-on-demand posters and want to make your brand reach the next revenue level. The niche you choose and the audience you target will point you in the direction of what you should do to grow your business’s success.

Although the development of digital media, posters have retained their popularity. People like their immediacy, simplicity, and the tactile quality of ink on paper. Posters have nostalgic attraction and a link to crucial cultural moments such as some events and holidays with full of meanings. Creating the habit of shopping and putting a nice one to put on a wall to celebrate those precious moments.

Gearment print on demand poster

No matter what type of poster, when designing a poster, plan its design carefully. You will have a short amount of time to draw and hold your customers’ attention. Think about the one aspect of the information that must convey the message and plan your design around that.

With print-on-demand posters, you can turn your ideas, creativity into posters that are affordable for the mass audience and not just a small group of consumers like expensive oil paintings or abstract canvases.

4. Ornament

If the three products above can be sold all year long, we would say that ornament is a seasonal ambassador of the POD industry. We are now in Q4 when more important holidays of the year are coming, the need to decorate and hype up the holiday vibe makes ornament hotter than ever.

Search volume of ornament on Google

According to Google Trends, Q4 is definitely an ornament season where the demand is at its peak while the demand is not as good as in other seasons. For this reason, Gearment has highly recommended ornaments to our sellers in Q4.

In fact, Christmas is the biggest event of the year in Q4 at which ornament consumption is at its peak since it is one of the most important decorations for Christmas trees! Making a print-on-demand trend in the industry!

Gearment print on demand

Even though the ornaments are tiny, the profit margins are the opposite. With the low base cost of only $3.10 and processed in only 2 days, Gearment ornaments will make your sales dream come true. Also, another huge advantage is that most customers purchase a pack of several ornaments rather than a single one, making their sales revenue always either double or times bigger.

5. Doormat

Print-on-demand doormats may not be a new or particularly innovative item, but their increase in popularity throughout the last couple of years is undeniable. The global doormat market size was valued at $US5.1 billion in 2018 that is even higher than the drinkware market.

Search volume of doormat on Google Trend

Retailers should feel optimistic about sales in the months to come. Millions of consumers are renovating their current homes and purchasing new homes that may be the result of spending more time at home during the pandemic of COVID-19. So the retail home furnishing category has seen a tremendous increase in both expenditure and site traffic, wherein doormats are gaining significant traction.

Gearment print on demand

In the post-COVID-19 pandemic, consumers want to create a feel-good space that’s safe and comfortable. Selling doormats is a safe bet for sellers who want to sell something good that yields decent returns as the doormat market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2019 to 2025.

That’s all top 5 trending and profitable POD products you should choose for your eCommerce store to always keep your profit in the green.