4 Ways To Increase Traffic For E-commerce Brand Without Paid Ads


Sometimes, you still ask yourself “How some online businesses seem to get thousands or millions of unique monthly visitors” and “How do I drive more traffic to my online store?”. Right? Obviously, it is undeniable that creating an audience from scratch is one of the biggest obstacles and an art all its own for an online seller. Don’t worry! Here are 4 effective ways to increase traffic for ecommerce brand that we gain along the way of developing and managing Gearment Fulfillment.

1. Location-based marketing

About 83% of marketers said that they experienced more successful campaigns by using location-based marketing. Location-based marketing allows marketers to use location data to reach consumers based on qualifiers like proximity to a store, events happening in their region, and more. It gives the marketers a better understanding of customers’ requirements, delivering what they want, when they want it, and where they want it to get better customer engagement at a higher personal level and more response. 

That said, location-based marketing is a smart way to effectively target the right audiences, especially in the context of customers gradually carrying out more shopping-related activities online and information is being gathered in the cloud more than ever before. Coach has gained 31K visits driven to retail stores within 2 months and an increase of 16% rich media engagement rate by tapping location data.

2. Email marketing

Have you ever received a marketing email from a brand like this?

use email marketing to increase traffic for ecommerce brand

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing as well as digital marketing, using email to promote and advertise products or services to customers. You can do many things with emails, such as sell products, share some news, send promotion emails or improve your cart abandonment rate by sending abandoned cart emails. 

61% of marketing experts agree that mail marketing is one of the best tools for marketers to engage with their audience. If you want to increase traffic for your ecommerce store, let’s think about email marketing that can help you connect with your customer while also driving traffic to your social media, blog, or anywhere else you’d like folks to visit. You can even segment your emails and target customers by demographic or location so sending people the messages they interest most. 

3. Referral marketing

Airbnb’s booking increased over 25% or Evernote attracted over 29 million users by implementing a referral program. So, what exactly is referral marketing? Referral marketing is a marketing tactic that makes use of recommendations and word of mouth to grow a business’s customer base through the networks of its existing customers. In other words, referral marketing turns your current customers into brand advocates

In fact, reerral marketing is known to be one of the trusted marketing approaches and the holy grail of advertising as 82% of consumers responded that their purchase decisions are influenced by recommendations from family or friends. This type of marketing aims to encourage and increase the number of new customers through word of mouth referrals. If you don’t have a referral program in place for your ecommerce store, let’s jump in. When it comes to rewards, the best are those that money can’t buy. Remember to make your customers feel truly valued if you want them to refer again.

4. Leverage social proof

88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations, and the average consumer reads 10 online reviews before making a purchase. Social proof is exactly what it sounds like. It’s proof that your peers or a group of people trust a brand enough to buy from it. It can be shown to customers in many forms of marketing, such as reviews or word-of-mouth. Amazon uses social proof on every single product page, in the form of reviews. 

leverage social proof to increase traffic for ecommerce brand


By using social proof, IMDb has become the top movie review sites online today with 250 million unique visitors per month.

leverage social proof to increase traffic for ecommerce brand

The power of social proof is even stronger in the e-commerce industry since it can significantly build up the trust from customers without either a physical touch or a look. This is such a powerful tool for e-commerce stores where they have no chance to offer their customers to see the products in reality.

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